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Changing Politics of Abortion in Turkey

İdil Budak Recently, abortion has been a topic that was focused and covered by many non-traditional, online, foreign or “alternative” newspapers in Turkey. One of the last pieces I came across when I was doing the research for the recent developments in terms of abortion in Turkey was a piece published by The Guardian in…

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The Struggle To Be a Woman Despite the Language of Regimes and Systems

Dilara Toprak After three days of Mahsa Amini being arrested and murdered under custody during hijab inspection by operating under the paramilitary militia Besic which is called Irshad Patrol – known as moral police – on the 14th of September, the protests began with mourn and rage of Iranian women had spread to eighty towns…

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White Cushion: Call for Disturbance

Defne Yalman & Jülide Sezer After months of ongoing threats and political discussions, Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022. According to Putin, by using Ukrainian territory, NATO desires to come close to the Russian border and cause a territorial threat. The war caused a global outcry, and it was inevitable not to…

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