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Non-Academic Pieces

The Tale of Sinterklaas: Teaching Children ‘Give to Get’

Jülide Sezer It is that time of the year when I have to explain to my daughter why an old white man brings presents to the kids. Because in November, the Dutch white bishop, Saint Nicolas or Sinterklaas, arrives from Spain in the Netherlands. During this time, you can eat a lot of pepernotten/ kruidnotten,…

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Relating and Ranting

Mahasweta Podder I recently went on a trip to Spain with a friend of mine and as we were enjoying the sunset sitting on a cliff in Bilbao, he told me why don’t you write down your name here on a block of cement? I was not happy with that suggestion! My direct response was,…

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Rotterdam protest: In Solidarity with People in Iran

Suzan Karimi  On the 2nd of October, protestors came together in Rotterdam to stand in solidarity with people in Iran. This text is Suzan Karimi’s speech, delivered for people in Iran, marginalized women, and LGBTI communities all around the world. It’s a day now since we arrived in the month of October. A month well…

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